Organising Committee


Organising Committee

AIMUN is well-known for its international team with more than 100 members hailing from all over the world, all of whom are undergraduates and postgraduates at Peking University.




Secretary-General Wu Simin
Under-Secretary-General Alex Chen
Png Wen Xi
Jasmine Shi
Director of Academics Derek Tong
Michelle Pang
Sarena Wang
Director of Public Relations Du Zhuoqiong
Wu Yiling
Director of Publicity Chen Sinuo
Dai Jiawen
Director of Event Planning Luo Yaru
Lim Ji Yi
Director of Delegate Liaison Zhang Chengyang
Siow Jing Yi
Joseph Olivier Mendo’o
Phoebe Fei Bi Chan
Director of Business Alicia Li
Director of Finance Ni Gangjun
Director of Design Zhao Xuyang